Who We Are


We are members of the Ugandan civil society, operating in one of the most known outskirts of Uganda, Northern Uganda and Kampala Division of Uganda.

We are committed to informing, educating and empowering the citizens of Uganda to overcome the problems of the increasing prevalence of pandemics such as HIV /AIDS and epidemics like malaria, environmental degradation and effects of climate change, insufficient knowledge and access to ICT services, poor health and nutrition standards, lack of entrepreneurship and development skills, continued violation of human rights and persistence of illiteracy in society and Improving the quality of Education;

Often times, this has required us to recognize the challenges at hand and the individual members’ potential in discharging obligations as a well informed group and the need to work as a team for improved service delivery; thus we are committed to opening work relationships with other development oriented organizations in the struggle for reduction and eradication of the above problems.

The vast need of resources, and manpower deemed it inevitable for us to expound on mitigating avenues, and therefore agree to form a Community Based organization by identification “The Foundation for Orphan and Vulnerable Children in Uganda (FOVC-UGANDA” , opened and registered for operation on the 14th day of the month of July of 2015.

For purposes of swift correspondences, the organisation recruited and so is working with a well trained, capable team of 7 individuals. Operating at our official address;

Our office is located in Ntinda at TUSKEYS SUPERMARHET Building 2nd floor, Uganda.


The organization is established as a non-profit charitable organization registered with the Ministry of Gender and social development. Our objectives are:

  • To contribute to the fight against the prevalence of pandemics such as HIV/AIDS, and other epidemic diseases such as TB, malaria, etc in Wakiso through holding health camps/outreaches;
  • To provide social, moral, medical and educational assistance or rehabilitation to such children;
  • To improve the health and nutritional status of the children and their caretakers through the Child Development Programme;
  • To empower communities with life sustaining skills through vocational training
  • To start / bring health services closer to the community through establishing a medical center offering various services at a subsidized user fee to cover the operating costs of the center.
  • To carry out any such activity as may be incidental and conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.

To learn more about fovc-uganda, don’t hesitate to reach us! We love to hear from you – Contact Us Now.