Getting Involved

Welcome! at Foundation for Orphan and Vulnerable Children in  Uganda, we believe that a challenge shared, is a challenge solved. We welcome support from well wishers, volunteers, and donors of several calibers, in our projects, and general causes – who are passionate and willing to make a difference in the lives of many. Here is how you can get involved working with us:

1. Volunteer with us:

If You are willing to spend at least a week, or a few months working with us, such us in one of our field offices at  Gulu, Kampala District of Uganda, then you are eligible for this program.

To be able to volunteer with FOVC-Uganda will require you to be an adult (16 years and above), understand English Language, and are flexible enough to meet and work with people of all backgrounds.

At FOVC-Uganda, we deal with many kinds of people, the sick, the orphaned, the cast-off street children among others.

Volunteering with us is a free service that requires only a volunteers commitment, and ability to work professionally. To get enrolled in any of our programs, contact us via the following contacts:

Tel: +256 782121693 | +256 780140966


2. Donate to our Causes:

Foundation for Orphan and Vulnerable Children in  Uganda runs a number of projects so as to accomplish her goals in our areas of operation. Some of these include

Child sponsorship and family support program looking at sponsoring orphans in school and supporting their care takers and elderly people in the community

Life skill training program: this is designed to help equip orphans care takers, school drop out child mothers , youth and other community members to access our skill training and create them self job and earn a better living

Advocacy program we give information awareness creation on danger of Drugs abuse and teenage pregnancy among girls in school and community and more will be updated depending on the availability of funding


. Our work involves administration costs, staff operation costs, equipment purchase and drug purchase costs. The availability of such resources has made our work much more seamless, and bountifully fruitful, all made possible by a number of local and international/foreign donors.

To Donate to an active project, need, or financial goal at Foundation for Orphan and Vulnerable Children in  Uganda, or to know more about our trending programs as you consider how best to donate, Kindly reach out to our donor correspondents at the contacts below:

Tel: +256 782121693 | +256 780140966. (Uganda Office)